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Monday, May 6, 2013

The Ayurvedic Kali Booti

Directions: (1) 1 gm. of Kali Booti taken with water half an hour before meals solves many stomach problems, purifies nervous system, improves digestive power, eliminates gastric disorders, relieves from gloominess & keeps one cheerful.
 If necessary, the booti can be taken with water half an hour after the meals also. 
 (2) Patients with 'Kidney stone' should take the booti with water 2-3 times a day. 
They should also do the Yogasan 'Katipindmardanasan' for 5-7 minutes in the morning & evening with empty stomach. Because of this the stone in the kidney is broken into small pieces and excreted out with the urine.
 For details of 'Katipindmardanasan' please refer to the book 'Yogasan' published by Sant Shri Asaramji Ashram.
 (3)If the children are weak & thin, and one wishes to make them healthy & fat, then warm 15-20 gms of pure Ghee, mix 1-1.25 gms of booti with ghee, then give this mixture to the child empty stomach.
 If needed give breakfast after half an hour. The booti can be given with warm water in the afternoon also.
 After one week, increase the quantity of Ghee by 5-10 gms. & add 1.25-1.5 gms. of booti. In the third week again increase the quantity of Ghee by 5-10 gms. & add 2 gms. of booti.
 Continuing this treatment for 3-5 weeks in this fashion makes the body strong. Taking the booti with Ghee increases fats.
 (4) Patients suffering from cough & phlegm are relieved by taking booti mixed with 1 gm. of honey.
 Many people who got themselves treated even abroad, but still had stomach problems, have benefitted by taking the booti just once or twice.

Brahmcharya Booti / Natural Semen Making Herb

 Benefits: A very effective and energetic churna (powder) containing mixture of Amla(Gooseberry) and Turmeric in 3:1 ratio. 
Cures seminal problems like wet dreams and menstrual problems in women, strengthens the seminal fluid, cures pimples and acne, tones up the skin.
Amla is a natural semen maker herb so amla powder is a natural herbal sex power booster
 It is advisable to read the book, “The Secret of Eternal Youth” (Youvan Suraksha), published by Sant Shri Asaramji Ashram.
 Dosage: take 3 gms with water morning and evening. Caution: Do not take anything 1 hour before and after taking the churna.
suggested reading:-
Amla Churna for Semen Making

Jyoti Shakti / Mamra Badam

 Benefits: improves eyesight, strengthens nerves, nourishes braincells and imparts longevity.
 Procedure to make paste to be taken- This pack contains 250 gm Mamra badam and necessary mishri, add pure desi cow ghee to it and put it in either silver or marble tumbler. 
Then put the tumbler inside grain for 7 days.
 Dosage: 1 tablespoon in morning on empty stomach (do not take food for upto 2 hours after taking this)

Vedic Ubtan ( Multani mitti )

Benefits: Its main content is Multani Mitti, which provides freshness.
Multani mitti contains magnesium chloride which provide relife in acne and mulatani mitti also used as skin cleaner and toner.
Japanese take benefits from multani mitti tub bath,  they get energy and confidence boost from this bath.
use this ubtan instead of any chemical soap.
for acne please stop all chemical face pack soap etc use only multani mitti face pack made with lemon juice or rose water and see magic effects after 3 days of use.

Diav Mitti (soil)

 Benefits: it opens up the pores of skin thus providing energy and freshness.
it also contains Multani mitti so read similer article on vedic ubtan for details.
it availble at ashram seva kendra as name of face pack.
If any asharam bapu store is not availble near you than i recomanded similer herbal neem tulsi or rose sandal face pack from Khadi. you can buy these face pack online from amazon . 
for buy herbal face pack from amazon visit this link KHADI - Herbal Face Pack Neem-Tulsi - 50g

Vajra Rasayan

Features: Beneficial in conditions of cancer, tuberculosis, heart problems
. Brings strength of diamond to your body. 
Vajra bhasma is having debarment power, and other medicine serve as a homeostatic agent together control the uncontrolled mitosis of cancer cells and in addition maintains body strength and immunity therefore useful in all types of cancers. Also it has nourishing action on neurons, heart cells, therefore useful in heart diseases, neuronal disease viz. paralysis, sciatica etc. Also useful in disease of eye, genitourinary tract & respiratory tract. Very useful in male infertility and maintains physical & mental strength in old age.
It containts hira bhasma ( diamond ash )  
Dosage: Take one or two tablets morning and evening with milk, honey, and ghee or as suggested by the physician.
 Diabetes people can take this medicine with grapes and raisin.

Ojasvi Ayurvedic Tea

  (Herbal Tea) (200 gm)
Benefits: Refreshing and stimulating, strengthens, memory power and digestions.Daily use improve digestive power, memory, heart function, purifies blood, remove unwanted respiratory secretions, normalizes blood cholesterol & blood pressure. By these action useful in poor apetite, constipation, lack of concentration, poor memory, excess sleep, headache, migraine, running nose, cough, bronchitis, asthma, heart diseases, blood impurities & related skin diseases etc.
Main ingrediants:-Cinnamomum cassia(tejpatta), zingiber officinale(sunthi), convolvulus pluricaulis(shankhpushpi), Bacopa monieri(brahmi) etc.
 Dosage: Boil one teaspoon of tea powder in 300ml of water for 5 min.
 Add sweetener and milk according to taste.

Keshposhak Hair Conditioner

 Benefits: Fights Hair-whitening and Hair-loss. it is made by major hair conditioning herbs like amla shikakai aritha mehndi etc.
herbal shampoo have near about same properties of keshposhak hair conditioner if this conditioner not available at your nearest ashram store than you may consider herbal shampoo.

Amla (Gooseberry) Bhringraj Hair Oil

 Benefits: Fights Hair-whitening and Hair-loss, Prevents premature graying of hair, decrease hair fall to animal, controls dandruff. Brings quietness and coolness to your brain.
 For healthy and beautiful hair. It contains Sesame oil (Til Tel), Phyllanthus Emblica (Amla), Eclipta alba (Bhringraj) and castor oil, new research shows that castor oil grew hair on bald head read my popati blog for more details.

Face Pack/ Saundarya Nikhar

  Benefits: Tones up skin, exfoliates dead cells, improves blood circulation and removes wrinkles.
please remember vedic ubtan divya mitti and face pack is near about same all contains multani mitti so check your nearest ashram that which product is available as face pack of multani mitti.

Dant Suraksha Tel

 (Gum Massage Oil)
Features: Beneficial in the treatment of pyorrhea, pain in the gums and all other problems of the teeth.
 Dosage: Massage oil gently on the teeth and the gums before going to sleep in the night.

Gau Seva Phenyle

 Gau Seva Phenyle

Dant Manjan Choorna

 (Tooth Massage Powder) For clean and healthy teeth and gums

Herbal Shampoo

 Benefits: For healthy and beautiful hair.
 Contains extracts of amla, bringraj, rita, shikakai, neem and tulsi


 Benefits: These are purely herbal soap.
 This soap does not use animal fat. 
The soap is one of the many Ayurvedic, all natural beauty products which the Ashram produces.
 Flavours- Multani, Neem-Tulsi, Rose, Sandal, Panchgavya, Jasmine, Nirmal (50gm.)

Malish Tel (Massage Oil)

 Benefits: Relieves joint-aches, deep wounds, black-eye, sprained muscles, rashes, severe itching.
 Rub lightly on the affected area and cover with warm cloth.

Malham (Balm)

 Benefits: This ointment is used to cure cracked heels, Skin Itch, inflammation, mild rashes.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Neem Oil

Beneficial for the treatment of itches and skin diseases

Gulab Jal

 Benefits: Good as an Ingredient in preparing face pack or other herbal mixtures.
 Also it is great eye aid and can be used as as eye drops.

Gulkand (Rose Jam)

Benefits: Cools down mind, body and emotions, helpful in pitta dosha related conditions.

Liver Tonic /Tablets

(100 ml) Features:As the name suggests, Yakrit Sudha, which is a proportionate mixture of herbs and natural medicines,
 benefits the liver in an impressive way
 Protects liver from contagious diseases, Defends against swelling of the liver, Improves appetite, Enhances the organ’s (liver) work-efficiency, Prevents liver damage typically caused by alcohol, smoking and pollution, Eliminates potential threats from jaundice, Safeguards liver from ill-effects of modern medicine
 Dosage: Tonic --- Adults: Two to three spoons, thrice daily; Children: One to two spoons, thrice daily.
 Note: Shake Tonic Well Before Use Tablets—1 to 2 tablets Morning and evening

Bal Rakshak Tablet

Features: Remedy for infants and toddlers in Diarrhea, vomiting, Indigestion, constipation.
 This also strengthens the body and increases immunity. Recommended for all infants.

Diabetes Tablets

Benefits: Brings relief to diabetic patients
 Dosage: Take two to three tablets along with water, three times a day with an empty stomach.
 Note: Do not take milk for one hour before and after taking the medicine.

Diabetes Wood Tumbler /Qwath

 Benefits: Water kept in this wood tumbler inherits medicinal effects for diabetes patients.

Tulsi Ark

(200ml) Features: An excellent medicine for the treatment of cancer, heart diseases, cough-cold, acidity, fever, diarrhea, vomiting, blood impurities, worms, cholesterol, skin diseases, headache, gas problems, hiccoughs, pain in the muscles, tendons or sinews, lack of hunger and other harmful diseases
 The medicine is also helpful for improving facial beautiness, energy, brahmachraya and also memory.
 Dosage:Take 10 to 20 ml of Tulasi ark mixed with same amount of water in an empty stomach.
 The medicine can be used at any time, but is more effective in the morning. 
 Note: Please avoid consuming milk for 30min after the ark has been taken

: Kali Buti

For proper kidney function and kidney stones.

Vayu Nashak Booti/ Ram Barn Booti

 This is a anti gas ayurvedic remedy which helps to reduce bloating, gas and also helps to ease constipation, indigestion.

Shadbindu Tel

Benefits: This ayurvedic oil is used for the following
 : Cure Headache Eliminate Chronic cough Stops Hairloss and whitening Increases Eye sight Strengthens Teeth

Sapt Dhatu Vardhak (powder)

Features: Beneficial in conditions of bone loss, fracture, joint pain, etc.

Karna Bindu (Ear Drops)

Eardrops for ears, eyes and teeth related problems.

Dosage: 3 to 4 drops, thrice daily

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Amrit Dravya

(15 ml) Benefits: Very effective for relief from general E-N-T (ear-nose-throat) related ailments, cough/cold and headache.
 Dosage: 2 to 10 drops mixed in a cup of warm water

Santkripa Cough Syrup

(100 gm) Benefits: Beneficial in cold, cough, dry cough, asthma.
 Dosage: Take one to two spoons in the morning and evening.

Peepal (Holy Fig Tree) Wood Tumbler/Powder

 Benefits: Water kept in the wood tumbler for 12 hours inherits medicinal effects to enhance memory power.

 Drink such water twice a day, morning and evening.

 Drinking the filtered water boiled with this powder has the effect of increasing memory.

Smruti Vardhak Choorna /Shankhpushpi Syrup

Features: An excellent medicine for developing good memory power and also helps in treatment of high B.P., mental tension and tirednes.
Dosage: Churna-Take one spoon of the medicine along with the cow’s ghee in the morning and evening.

Punarnava Tablets

Benefits: As the name suggests, 'punar' - once again, 'nava' - new.
 These tablets removes odema and beneficial in kidney disease.
Punanrnava is also use-full for slim body because I experience it on myself and on my wife.
When we start 2-2 punarnava tablet twice daily then within the 15 days of treatment we both look slim and younger so Punannava is also usefull for weight loss and give you a slim body.
1.Use any product with consult of your doctor because author of this blog is not a doctor.
2. This medicine may increase quantity of urine and you may feel more urge to urinate when consuming this.

Trifla Churna/Tablets

 Features: Good for longevity, improves eyesight and prevents early old age.
 Increases digestion power and removes impurities from the body.
 Also helpful in treatment of skin diseases and diabetes. Purifies blood, cleans stomach, beautifies skin, cures cough, Pitt diseases, increases semen.
 Dosage: Take two to three tablets with warm water in the night before going to sleep.

Achyutaya:-Harade Tablets And Harde Churna

 Achyutaya:-Harade Tablets And Harde ChurnaBenefits: Brings relief from constipation, indigestion, vomiting.
 Helps in curing worms in the stomach, diabetes and swelling problems.
Harde Tablet increases appetite, memory, delays aging and regulates peristalsis. Therefore useful in anorexia,indigestion,gas trouble,constipation,sprue,piles,worm infestation,jaundice,liver,spleen,heart & skin disease. 
Also used in a cough, hiccough & asthma.

Dosage: Take 1 or 2 tablets for 5-10-year-old children. 
( Dose depends upon age, weight & illness of the individuals). OR Use as directed by the physician. Note:- Do not take milk 2 hr. Before & 2 hr. after medicine.
For adults take 2 to 4gms /2 to 3 tablets as directed by the physician.
 Else take medicine with warm water after taking meals or before going to sleep.
Quantity:- 50 gms. 
Main Ingredients:- Terminalia Chebula (Harad)
Price:- INR 15 Churna Price 20

Disclaimer:- Author of this article is not a vaidh or doctor , Author not linked directly or indirectly from shri Asaram bapu ji ashram or ashram e-store, Author is a devotee of Shri Asaram bapu ji and interested in herbal medicine, so he makes this blog for divine service and education about herbal medicines.
So please consult your doctor before using any of herbal medicine which describes in this blog.
Content in this article is only for educational purpose, and no liability is accepted in any manner.
This blog is a nonprofit educational purpose blog and no any item sell from author and from this blog.

Sitopaladi Choorna

 Benefits: This medicinal powder (choorna) protects against cough, fever, night-fever, weakened digestion, loss of appetite, heartburn, infirmity, dry eyes, throat irritation and other related illnesses.
 If taken during the first trimester of pregnancy, this choorna enhances the health and vitality of the fetus.
 Cures skin disease, weakness and soar throat.
 Dosage: Two to four grams, twice daily with honey

Friday, May 3, 2013

Amla Churna (Powder)

 (400 gm) Benefits: Powdered Amla (gooseberries, the fruit of the tree Emblica officinalis) mixed with equal quantity of powdered Rock-sugar helps cure of all kinds of diseases by helping you preserve the sexual energy.
 It thickens semen and hence it cures wet-dreams in males and leucorrhoea in females. It restores the balance of Vata (wind), Pitte (Bile) and kapha (phlegm). 
It also relieves constipation. Detoxifies the body and regulates digestion, helps increase lean body mass, reduces fats, a natural source of Vitamin C and aids in sublimation of sexual energy.

Hingadi Harad Churna

(100 g m) Benefits: This Churna cures various stomach related ailments such as: gase, acidity (amlapitta), constipation, abdomen inflammation (afra), heart burn, headache, indigestion, low appetite.
 The churna is highly beneficial in skin diseases such as white patches on skin, acne, pimples and other problems relating to liver, cough, arthritis, heart problems, piles, cold, phlegm, kidney problems and diseases related to menstruation in case of ladies.
 This churna is carefully prepared by mixing asafoetida, ajvayn ( a type of dill seeds), saindhav salt, cardamom, along with harad dried after soaking it continuously in cow’s urine for seven days.

Rasayan Churna/Tablets

 Benefits: This age old tonic increases the resistance of the body to common disease.
 It is a nutritive tonic for longevity and charges the body with energy.
 Ayurveda highly recommends the use of this choorna for everyone above the age of 40.
 “Age gracefully with Rasayn Chooran.” Aids the growth of new black hair.
 Please also read the benefits listed above for the Rasayan Choorna.

Ashwagandha Churna/Tablets

  (100 gm) Benefits: A rejuvenating general tonic that stimulates immune system increases physical endurance and develops a positive body aura.
 Regenerates hormonal systems and has anti stress properties. 
The tablets carry the same benefits as mentioned above for the powdered form of this medicine.

Shodhan Kalpa

 (100 gm) Benefits: Where the world is busy advertising about how to get a slimmer body by the use of costly belts and other machines, Ashram brings a natural alternative medicine, the formula of which is based on the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda.
 This medicine guarantees to outwit obesity by increasing your metabolism.
 By increasing body metabolism, helps in losing weight while strengthening the internal system.
 Blocks the enzymes that turn extra calories into fat an aids body’s natural burning of fats.
 This medicinal powder (choorna) eliminates majority of digestive and other stomach-related illnesses, while markedly improving appetite and overall strength.
 Alleviates troubles caused by asthma, tuberculosis, chronic cough, common cold, migraine, acidity, cardiac ailments, abnormality of blood pressure, diabetes, liver diseases, kidney diseases, acute hiccups, and indigestion. Instantaneously begins the fine process of cleansing internal bodily systems without causing any side effects right from the first day. 
 Dosage: Mix 5 to 8 grams powder in 20 grams of honey, warm water and Sant Kripa Choorna.
 Take the mixture every morning on an empty stomach.
 As a supplement for added effectiveness of this choorna, during meals consume small amounts of butter (Ghee) made from organic (cow) milk.
 Diabetes patients should take the above mixture without honey.

Sant Kripa Churna

(250 gm) Benefits: This churna not only cures all sorts of stomach disorders, but also the daily use of this churna guarantees active body and mind.
 It is believed that most of the day-today fevers and illness arise from stomach disorders.
 Hence it is important to prevent stomach disorders like constipation, gas, ulcers by using Ayurvedic medicines like Sant Kripa Churna.
 Features: Very effective in helping with indigestion, stomach worms, gastric trouble, irregular bowel, acidity, fever related to cough and cold, head-ache. Provides refreshing dose of energy and enthusiasm

Gaujharan Vati

Benefits: Cures Cold, Cough, Gastritis, Indigestion, Flatulence, Liver disorders, Intestinal disorders, Jaundice, Spleen disorders, Kidney disorders, prostate and urinary tract infection, Gonorrhea, Leucoderma, Cancer, Tuberculosis, Tonsils, Gout, Rheumatism, Body pain, Worms.
 Gojharan Vati is also a good prescription for all sorts of female diseases.
 It has all benefits as Gaujharan Ark. Dosage: 2 to 4 tablets, twice daily

Gaujharan Ark गोझरण

 Gaujharan Ark (500 ml)
  Benefits: Useful in controlling and eliminating ailments related to cough, gas, digestive system, liver, jaundice, kidney, prostate, diabetes, gynecological disorders, swelling of organs, rashes, cancer, tuberculosis, thyroid, head-ache, joint-aches, body-ache, stomach worms, pediatric disorders, ear diseases, etc.
 This is one of the most beneficial medicine since it helps balance the three doshas Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. Cures cold cough, intestinal, liver, spleen and kidney disorders, prostrate and urinary infections, diabetes, rheumatism, body pain and all sorts of female diseases.
 Dosage: 2- tablespoon ark in one cup of water in early morning on empty stomach.
 For children suffering from worm infestation, use 1-tablespoon ark in 2-tablespoon of water.
धर्मशास्त्रों में गोझरण को अति पवित्र माना गया है। गोझरण का छिड़काव वातावरण को शुद्ध एवं पवित्र बनाता है। आज का विज्ञान भी गोझरण को कीटाणुनाशक बताता है। संत श्री आसाराम जी गौशाला निवाई के पवित्र वातावरण में आश्रम के साधको द्वारा गोझरण अर्क तैयार किया जाता है। यह अर्क निम्न रोगों में उपयोगी सिद्ध होता है।
लाभः कफ के रोग (जैसे सर्दी, खाँसी, दमा आदि), वायु के रोग, पेट के रोग, गैस, अग्निमांद्य, आमवात, अजीर्ण, अफरा, संग्रहणी, लीवर के रोग, पीलिया (कामला), प्लीहा के रोग, मूत्रपिंड (किडनी) के रोग (पथरी आदि), प्रोस्टेट व मूत्राशय के रोग (पेशाब का रूक जाना आदि), बहूमूत्रता, मोटापा, मधुप्रमेह, स्त्रीरोग, सूजाक (गोनोरिया), चमड़ी के रोग, सफेद दाग, शोथ, कैंसर, क्षयरोग, गले की गाँठें, जोड़ों का दर्द, गठिया, बदनदर्द, कृमि, बच्चों के रोग, कान के रोग, सिर में रूसी, सिरदर्द आदि में फायदा करता है। यह नाड़ीशोधक है।
मात्राः 30 मि.ली. पानी में 2 चम्मच अर्क।
बच्चों के पेट में कृमि हों तो 1 चम्मच अर्क में 2 चम्मच पानी मिलाकर।

Suvarnprashan (Suvarna Prash Tablet)

Achyutyay Suvarna Prash Tablet is also known as  Suvarnaprash( this is a complete brain tonic) 
Suvarnaprashis enriched with pure gold & keshar is best tonic for the intellectual, mental & physical growth of body. 

Packing:-Tablets (2gm) A tonic for you and your child.
 Increases memory power and strength.
If any one use Suvarnaprash or Achyutyay Suvarna Prash Tablet   daily from the first day of life to 2 yr. of age child becomes shrutidhar(highest grasping power), healthy and becomes immune to conmen childhood illnesses. 
 Also after 2 yr. of age improves all three aspect of memory(grasping, storage & recollection), physical strength, glow, immunity power in children & in other age groups. 
Prevent age related degenerative CNS disorders viz. alzheimer’s disease, parkinsonism etc. 
When use by pregnant lady specifically from 3rd to 9th month helps in development of brain & other part of body, prevents congenital malformation in fetus and also maintain health of mother. She will have a medhavi, Tejasvi & healthy baby. 

 Dosage: · 6 month-old to 2-years: one quarter (1/4th) of one tablet, daily ·
 2-year to 3-year old: half (1/2) a tablet, daily 
 3-year to 7-year old: half a tablet, twice daily · 
7-year to 10-year old: one tablet, twice daily ·
 Youth and adults (including pregnant women): 2 tablets, twice daily Note Take with a mixture made by mixing organic butter (cow-ghee) and honey in the ration of either 2:8 or 8:2 drops.
Main Ingredients :- Suvarna Bhasma, Saffron(keshar), Suvarna makshika Bhasma, Acorus Calamus(Vacha) etc .

Rajat Malti

 Benefits: Rajat Malati is a blood-purifying tablet, which increases longevity, semen, intelligence, memory and skin radiance. 
It is very useful in conditions of Vatavriddhi caused by physical or mental exertion, sunstroke, fear, grief or anger.
 It is useful in urinary trouble, anemia, paralysis, cripple, hepatitis, hysteria, spasm, hyperacidity, ophthalmic diseases, geriatric problems and impotency caused by sexually transmitted diseases.
 Dosage: Take one to two tablets or as directed by the physician

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