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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Achyutaya Pushti Gold Tablet

Achyutaya Pushti Gold Tablet is a new product of saint shri asharam bapu related pharmacy "Hariomcare or Achyutya pharmacy.
This ayurvedic tonic is made from ashavagandha etc herbs which are useful for making sapt dhatus in body.
Achyutaya Pushti Gold Tablet is useful for weak persons, aged persons, pregnant woman etc.
Achyutaya Pushti Gold Tablet improve overall body weakness and make new semen in males it also useful for woman's.
use pusti gold for age related degenerations, after a long illness.
As usual I recommended to consult your vaid or ayurvedic doctor before using any ayurvedic or homoeopathic product of saint shri asharam bapu.
It is nutritious tablet and give you away from old age.
Direction for use:- Take 2-2 tablet twice daily with milk or as your doctor recommended.
Side effects:-Ayurvedic products also cause some side effects so If you already face any serious disease then first consult your doctor before taking any medicine.
Where to buy:- This medicine available at all ashram of saint shri Asharam bapu ji.

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