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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Achyutaya-Ratneshwar Ras Tablet

1.Achyutaya-Ratneshwar Ras is a new hero mineral product of ashram e store.

2. Achyutaya-Ratneshwar Ras is usefull for cancer, brain heat, insomnia, exhaustion, Pittwikar, cough, breath, Jiarnjhwar, headache, Nadisul, Petit, Biswikr, leprosy, confusion, gonorrhoea.
3.Achyutaya-Ratneshwar Ras is a general tonic which make body and free from diseases is considered the best in the gem to remove general debility or considered as natural sex power booster in men.
4. It  purifies seman.
5. Achyutaya-Ratneshwar Ras increase eye sight.
6. Achyutaya-Ratneshwar Ras is also useful for blood pressure control and to eliminate the weakness of the heart.
7. Price INR 500 for 500 mg tablets.
8. See more details of packing etc and online buying option here:-
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  1. Namaste

    Do they provide any discounts on purchase of items from their online store . Also do they provide free shipping charges for minimum buy ?.

    Nelson SIngh

    1. I buy medicines from there online store and found they not give any discount plus they charge shipping fees also.


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