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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kamarkas (Bastard Teak Gum)

Kamarkas (Bastard Teak Gum)
(A divine medicine)

Benefit: - Kamarkas was known as Vrishy, Bly and Asthisandhank in Sanskrit text.
It builds bone. It reinforces semen. 
Semen related disease known as Pradrrog occurred due to emission or infirmity, debility, impotence and is beneficial in the lumbar pain.

* Bastard Teak Gum is useful in wet dreams and Pradrrog.
* Use Kamarkas and Amla powder soaked in water to drink it. 
* Useful in Infertility caused by obesity.
* Drinking with milk helps in connecting the broken bone. This reinforces the Sptdhatu.
* Kamarkas Laddu (flour mixed with ghee roasted) use full for Maternal feeding mother.

Amount - 1 to 3 grams
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