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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Before You Transplant Your Knee..Try This.(Achyutaya Sandhishulhar Churna)

My 68-year old milkman one day does not come for delivering milk.

Next day I ask him why he did not come yesterday?
He told he is suffering from severe pain in his knee.
His son admit him in a big hospital of my nearby major city (Udaipur)

Doctors told his knee suffering from wear and tear due to the age they give some painkillers to my milkman.
Doctors suggest his both knee completely wear and tear so no remedy is there and only knee transplant is a solution.
They told it cost INR 561000 for both knee transplant.
My milkman is a farmer.He not so rich to pay INR 561000 for both knee transplant.
He simply got some painkillers and start delivering milk with lameness in his walking.
After 3 months I wonder he delivering milk without lameness.
I ask him " did you transplanted your knee?
"No" he answered.
"Then what happen? Why you moving without the sign of any pain or lameness?
"I use fenugreek powder, and my knee is starting work again" He replied.
He told he is a farmer he took some fenugreek seeds, and make a powder of these seeds, per night he soaked one teaspoon powder in 1 glass of water and next morning he sieves this mixture and took this fenugreek water at empty stomach.

Day by day the pain is improved finally in 3 months his knee completely repair.
The farmer story remembers me "Sandhishulhar Churna" of Achyutaya hariom pharma.
Achyutaya Sandhishulhar Churna has 3 ingredients:-
1. Methi (Fenugreek seeds)
2. Haldi ( Turmeric)
3. Pipalamool (Piper Longum)

If anyone soaks 1 teaspoon of Sandhishulhar Churna in 1 glass of water and next morning sieve the mixture and take only water, then it will be improved his knee pain.
I give you ashram e-store link to buy Sandhishulhar Churna online and for more details:-
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