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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pujay Bapu Ji Miracle Treatment for Back pain, Joint pain Cervical pain etc

Respected Readers,

Today I share pujay asaram bapu miracle pranayama treatment for back pain, joint pain cervical spondylosis pain sleep disk sciatica pain, stammering and stuttering .
I also tell you scientific explanation of this treatment.
Take a deep breath 
Hold it for 75 seconds ( 1.25 minutes ) 
Please note:- Bapu ji recommended 1.25 minute holding but if you are unable to hold for long time then hold as your capacity and do not force because forcefully holding of breath may hurt you.
Ok I repeat it again:-
Take a deep breath 
Hold it for 75 seconds ( 1.25 minutes )
Now chanting in your memory
Nase Rog Hare Sab Pira
Japat Nirantar Hanumant Bira
And after 75 seconds relive this breath by your mouth.
Take 7 cycle of this method twice a day ( evening and morning)
See this you tube video for full understanding this method ( this method is explain in middle of video so watch full video):-
Scientific explanation of this Technic:- Holding of breath increase carbon di oxide in your blood it also increase bi carbonate ions in your blood which overall increase serum calcium and magnesium level and improve pain and stammering plus stuttering.
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