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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Asaram bapu medicines for weight loss

Many of my followers ask Asaram bapu medicines for weight loss. So today we discuss 3 most usefull ashram products for weight loss.Please consult your doctor before using any herbal or ayrvedic product of asaram bapu.
1.Shodhan Kalpa:-Shodhan kalpa is one of the most popular bapu ji medicine for weight loss it guarantees to outwit obesity by increasing your metabolism.
 Shodhan kalpa is increasing body metabolism, helps in losing weight while strengthening the internal system.
 This kalpa Blocks the enzymes that turn extra calories into fat an aids body’s natural burning of fats.

Read more details here Shodhan Kalpa

2. Punarnava Tablets:-
Punanrnava is also use-full for slim body because I experience it on myself and on my wife, This is not only loose weight but also give a young looking body read more details here Punarnava Tablets
3.Gaujharan Ark:-This is one of the most beneficial medicine since it helps balance the three doshas Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha read more details here Gaujharan Ark

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