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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Asaram Bapu Homeo Liver Care Best Homeopathic Liver Tonic

Asaram Bapu Homeo Liver Care Best Homeopathic Liver Tonic:-
1. Why we need to care liver?:- Liver is the only organ of our body which is multi functional, liver is weighing about 2-5kg. In compared to 250 gms of heart liver is 10 times larger and heavier than heart. 
Liver is entitled as biggest organ in human body. Liver is also known as second brain because it independently decides when and how much quantity of digested food and medicines be released in the body
 Liver has the property of rebuilding itself within few days even after 80% of its part is out off. 
It is known as the second biggest organ of our body after skin, as it constantly works even during our sleep and has the above said properties. 
Many times we observe loose motions on intake of large quantity of antibiotics. This comes under the protective mechanism of liver in which the extra quantity of antibiotic which can harm our body is excreted via urine and stools. 
Hence we should think of this diligent bodyguard of our body . Recently Asaram bapu ashram vaidhyas have prepared HOMOEO LIVER CARE  by mixing selective homoeo remedies like Liv T of SBL liver tonic. 
This Homeo Liver Care is a Liver Tonic which easily clears the liver disorders like Fatty liver, Cirrhosis, Jaundice, Loss of appetite, 2. Indigestion:- Gas, Acidity, Sour eructations, constipation etc. caused due to improper eating habits like Tobacco chewing, smoking, alcohol, non-veg and chinese food. 
Homeo Liver Care improves your digestion & appetite by regular intake for atleast 10 days. Indications: Homoeo Liver Care is a liver tonic which covers wide spectrum of hepatic complaints. Its continuous use for about 10 days increases appetite and improves digestive power. It is also used in jaundice, hepatomegaly and atrophy of liver. 
3.Dosage:- 1-1 tsp thrice to four times a day and children half the dosage or as directed by the physician.
4.M.R.P of Asaram Bapu Homeo Liver Care Best Homeopathic Liver Tonic: 80.00 
5.Packing Size: 100ml  Bottle
6.Online Buying Link:-https://www.ashramestore.com/Homoeo_Liver_Care-1938
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