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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Achutaya-Amla Chatni

Amla Chatni is a new product of Saint shri asaram bapu ji ashram.

Benefits of Amla Chatni - The regular consumption of the Amla Chatni empower all body's functionality to works smoothly, the body becomes athletic and strong. 
This amla chatni stabilize vitality. Known as seaman product enhancer, advantageously for the eyes, the memory-IQ enhancer (Memory & Intellectual booster).
This herbal medicine improving skin tone, improve bones, teeth and hair
Content of Amla Chatni- Amla, dry ginger, Pepper, pepper, asparagus, Giloy, Kakdsingi, hog, liquorice, bunions, nut grass, ashwagandha etc.
Packing:-500 gm
Rate:-INR 60
How to buy on-line:- I am give a link for online buy here:-
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