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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Achyutaya Diabetes Tablet

Achyutaya Diabetes Tablet is available at 60 gm plastic bottle. Achyutaya Diabetes Tablet is made by concentrated cow urine (gaujaran ghan), ocimum sanctum (Tulsi), Azadirachta indica(Neem) etc. Achyutaya Diabetes Tablet is Very useful for 20 types of diabetes which known as prameha in ayurveda i.e. d Diabetes mellitus type 1 (also known as type 1 diabetes) diabetes incipidus, albuminuria, proteinuria, phosphaturia etc. 
Achyutaya Diabetes Tablet tablet specially useful in maintaining normal serum, cholesterol & triglyceride levels & has antibiotic action.
Achyutaya Diabetes Tablet also useful in worm infestation,anaemia with edema, liver & splenic disorders, obstructive jaundice, constipation, fatty liver, hepatosplenomegaly due to various diseases, ascitis, cancer, triple vessel disease(heart attack) 
Doase of Achyutaya Diabetes Tablet :- take 2 to 3 tab. once or twice a day ( Dose depends upon age, weight & illness of the individuals). 
as directed by physician. 
 Note :- Do not take milk 2 hr. before & 2 hr. after medicine.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Achyutaya Ashwagandha Pak

1.Achyutaya Ashwagandha Pak is a new ayrvedic medicine of saint shari asharam bapu.
2.Achyutaya Ashwagandha Pak is a golden gift for winters.
3. Achyutaya Ashwagandha Pak is make new semen in male testis and increase sexual power naturally.
4. It is also useful in insomnia and give a sound sleep.
5. Ashwagandha is a natural herbal anti depressant, So this pak is also useful in depression.  
6. This pak is increase height in children below 20 year age.
7. Achyutaya Ashwagandha Pak is vatnashak, memory booster , sex power booster and  anti depressant tonic for winter
8. Take 1 teaspoonful at night with consult of your doctor.
9.Side effects of Achyutaya Ashwagandha Pak:- Consult your vaidh or doctor for any side effects of ashwagandha herb which also known as Indian ginseng.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Achyutaya Pushti Gold Tablet

Achyutaya Pushti Gold Tablet is a new product of saint shri asharam bapu related pharmacy "Hariomcare or Achyutya pharmacy.
This ayurvedic tonic is made from ashavagandha etc herbs which are useful for making sapt dhatus in body.
Achyutaya Pushti Gold Tablet is useful for weak persons, aged persons, pregnant woman etc.
Achyutaya Pushti Gold Tablet improve overall body weakness and make new semen in males it also useful for woman's.
use pusti gold for age related degenerations, after a long illness.
As usual I recommended to consult your vaid or ayurvedic doctor before using any ayurvedic or homoeopathic product of saint shri asharam bapu.
It is nutritious tablet and give you away from old age.
Direction for use:- Take 2-2 tablet twice daily with milk or as your doctor recommended.
Side effects:-Ayurvedic products also cause some side effects so If you already face any serious disease then first consult your doctor before taking any medicine.
Where to buy:- This medicine available at all ashram of saint shri Asharam bapu ji.

Friday, November 7, 2014


After tragedy of saint shri Asaram bapu imprisonment most of asharam stores have low availability of asaram bapu medicines.

So this is a common question to me that " How to buy asharam bapu medicines online" or " Link of Asharam bapu online store"
Here is the link of asaram bapu ashram online e store:-
Actually these medicines is not produced by asharam bapu asharam itself , These medicines is produced by an Ayurvedic pharmacy of  Paonta sahib, Dist. Sirmour, H.P. (INDIA).
This pharmacy is known as Achyutaya Hariom Pharma.
Here is the link of Achyutaya hariom pharma website

Achyutaya Hariom Pharma has more ayurvedic products and new products currently they not sell their product online but if you want to buy any product then please contact them in these numbers
or e mail id
Achyutaya Hariom Pharma
Kunja Matralion, Paonta sahib, Dist. Sirmour, H.P. (INDIA).
Customer Care / Trade Enquiry No. +91 9218112233, +91 1704 223344
E-mail - hariomcare@gmail.com
Please also remember  that This blog is not affiliated with saint sri asharam bapu ji or Achyutaya Hariom Pharma, This blog is managed by an devotee and follower of saint shri asharam bapu . So no liabilities is accepted in medicines or Ayurveda product.
Please consult your veda or doctor before using any of herbal medicine of saint shri asharam bapu or Achyutaya Hariom Pharma.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


These days my faith may start broken on saint shri asharam bapu. 
When I hear news about asharam bapu and see TV channels where anchor say him rapist , criminal, child abuser and much more…. 
Before I continue this story I tell you my story that how I start faith on saint shri asharam bapu ji 
In 2007 when I’m 33 year old and suffering ulcer like symptoms since last 1 year . I feel my digestive system is completely break down and heart burn indigestion is most often occurred I take a lot of medicine e.g. Ranitidine 150mg , omeparazole, lansoparazole,dompetidone, perinorm etc but no any significant result is seems.
I am doing ramdev ji pranayam since last 2 year but my digestive problem is not cure (I realize that pranayam is most effective breathing exercise and my skin disease or other problem is short out by pranayam but my ulcer is not cure. at present I continuously exercise with pranayama)One day I very depressed about my digestive problem in my house a bottle of sant kripa churna(a herbal medicine manufacture by sant asaram bapu asaram amdabad India) see to me and I take a tea spoonful sant kripa churna and prayer mentally to shri asaram ji that he cure my ulcer.
In my past I’m not a devotee of asaram ji and often lay criticize him. 
But that day night I feel Asaram ji come to me and say "my sun don’t be afraid I want to treat your ulcer and he through his breath on my abdomen and advice to me that I give a lota (pot) of water with 2 cloves to god sun (sun in our solar system a holy god in Hindu religion) in every morning After that I follow up ardya method (every morning give a pot of water with 2 cloves to god sun (main star of our solar system)
After that I believe in sant asaram ji bapu but i still not get any Diksha from bapu ji. But I get many other benefits from bapu ji medicines and note many miracle in my life due to Asharam bapu ji like image of om occurs on photo of bapu ji, bapu ji saw in flame of deepak, After a prayer bapu ji treat my son asthma etc.
After this incident of rape ( As anchor on TV say rape but they also say medical reports of victim have no any evidence of sexual intercourse so i think this is a case of sexual assault not rape)all of above my faith are broken??
I seriously think that how above miracles happen ? by black magic or by hypnotism or any other cause ?
Who is Asharam bapu? can physical body of bapu is able to done these miracle or spiritual body of bapu is able to done these miracles?
I think god is a energy which take any morph as our faith so god take a morph of Asharam bapu according to my faith? what do you think? Please take a part on this discussions by making a comment on this blog post.
All of comments publish after approval of blog owner because I knew people are very angry on bapu ji and they may be use violating and illegal words in there comments so please use only legal and respectful words to describe your thoughts. 

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