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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Achyutaya Madhu Raksha Tablet

Achyutaya Madhu Raksha Tablet is make by 15 herbs which useful for control blood sugar.

Achyutaya Madhu Raksha Tablet is useful in diabetes melities.
Price of Achyutaya Madhu Raksha Tablet is INR 85 you can buy it online from ashram e store.
I provide a link for online buy:-
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So please consult your doctor before use any of herbal medicine which describe in this blog.
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This blog is a non profit educational purpose  blog and  no any item sell from author and from this blog.
After start taking Achyutaya Madhu Raksha Tablet if your blood glucose level is reduced then reduce doase of  allopathic medicines and stop these allopathic medicine slowly in 3-6 months.
Other usefull related ayurvedic formulation is Chanderprabha vati read my research report on chanderprabha vati here:-

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