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Friday, May 3, 2013

Shodhan Kalpa

 (100 gm) Benefits: Where the world is busy advertising about how to get a slimmer body by the use of costly belts and other machines, Ashram brings a natural alternative medicine, the formula of which is based on the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda.
 This medicine guarantees to outwit obesity by increasing your metabolism.
 By increasing body metabolism, helps in losing weight while strengthening the internal system.
 Blocks the enzymes that turn extra calories into fat an aids body’s natural burning of fats.
 This medicinal powder (choorna) eliminates majority of digestive and other stomach-related illnesses, while markedly improving appetite and overall strength.
 Alleviates troubles caused by asthma, tuberculosis, chronic cough, common cold, migraine, acidity, cardiac ailments, abnormality of blood pressure, diabetes, liver diseases, kidney diseases, acute hiccups, and indigestion. Instantaneously begins the fine process of cleansing internal bodily systems without causing any side effects right from the first day. 
 Dosage: Mix 5 to 8 grams powder in 20 grams of honey, warm water and Sant Kripa Choorna.
 Take the mixture every morning on an empty stomach.
 As a supplement for added effectiveness of this choorna, during meals consume small amounts of butter (Ghee) made from organic (cow) milk.
 Diabetes patients should take the above mixture without honey.

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