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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Achyutaya Ashwagandha Pak

1.Achyutaya Ashwagandha Pak is a new ayrvedic medicine of saint shari asharam bapu.
2.Achyutaya Ashwagandha Pak is a golden gift for winters.
3. Achyutaya Ashwagandha Pak is make new semen in male testis and increase sexual power naturally.
4. It is also useful in insomnia and give a sound sleep.
5. Ashwagandha is a natural herbal anti depressant, So this pak is also useful in depression.  
6. This pak is increase height in children below 20 year age.
7. Achyutaya Ashwagandha Pak is vatnashak, memory booster , sex power booster and  anti depressant tonic for winter
8. Take 1 teaspoonful at night with consult of your doctor.
9.Side effects of Achyutaya Ashwagandha Pak:- Consult your vaidh or doctor for any side effects of ashwagandha herb which also known as Indian ginseng.

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