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Friday, May 3, 2013

Suvarnprashan (Suvarna Prash Tablet)

Achyutyay Suvarna Prash Tablet is also known as  Suvarnaprash( this is a complete brain tonic) 
Suvarnaprashis enriched with pure gold & keshar is best tonic for the intellectual, mental & physical growth of body. 

Packing:-Tablets (2gm) A tonic for you and your child.
 Increases memory power and strength.
If any one use Suvarnaprash or Achyutyay Suvarna Prash Tablet   daily from the first day of life to 2 yr. of age child becomes shrutidhar(highest grasping power), healthy and becomes immune to conmen childhood illnesses. 
 Also after 2 yr. of age improves all three aspect of memory(grasping, storage & recollection), physical strength, glow, immunity power in children & in other age groups. 
Prevent age related degenerative CNS disorders viz. alzheimer’s disease, parkinsonism etc. 
When use by pregnant lady specifically from 3rd to 9th month helps in development of brain & other part of body, prevents congenital malformation in fetus and also maintain health of mother. She will have a medhavi, Tejasvi & healthy baby. 

 Dosage: · 6 month-old to 2-years: one quarter (1/4th) of one tablet, daily ·
 2-year to 3-year old: half (1/2) a tablet, daily 
 3-year to 7-year old: half a tablet, twice daily · 
7-year to 10-year old: one tablet, twice daily ·
 Youth and adults (including pregnant women): 2 tablets, twice daily Note Take with a mixture made by mixing organic butter (cow-ghee) and honey in the ration of either 2:8 or 8:2 drops.
Main Ingredients :- Suvarna Bhasma, Saffron(keshar), Suvarna makshika Bhasma, Acorus Calamus(Vacha) etc .

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